Featured  Handgun Safes

Handgun safes are considered as protective options or containers that can avoid all types of theft. They are very popular nowadays as they come with great features and security systems like scanners, locking bolt mechanisms, scanners and many other attractive features that make it extremely efficient to avoid all kinds of unauthorized access to the weapons which can be misused if not stored properly.

It is very simple and understood that different kinds of safes are available in different rates in the market. For instance each and every model comes with unique features which raise the price of the locker. Care should be taken while purchasing them because it not only protects the pistols but also provides enough and apt security for placing other expensive articles in it without any chance of harm. One needs to give its features and installation utmost importance as it is extremely necessary to avoid any kind of untoward incidents.

These can be classified further into fingerprint and digital models. In the fingerprint version the cost ranges from $180 to $2,000 and they are considered as the most secure model till today. The weight of this locker is usually thirty one pounds and it is said that it can hold weight up to ten units that too considering the measurements. It comes with a system wherein the locks use the finger print technology to indentify the licensed owner which is also known as the biometric system of indentifying. This is one of the best ways to have a security code because no two people have the same fingerprint and thus one can rely on its safety and not allow unauthorized users to access the locker.

Another important feature is that they can store up to thirty fingerprints which will help the user to use every minute detail to access the locker apart from being assured that no one can access it either at home or in office. The other and famous model is that of the digital or electronic lockers that range from $150 to $3000 and this depends on the size and its specification. These are generally procured because they are less complicated and have many options for providing safety like it has many or infinite number of options to make passwords unlike the biometric lock which has just ten digits that can be used for security purpose. Adding to this these digital lockers come with internal keys that provide more safety. Usually they are sleek in appearance and come with polished exteriors and the interiors are padded using fabric along with supporting pads to avoid damages.